First Day We Were Born

Today is 10th September, 2097

This is the day me and April are reborn in our later life. I am born as a warrior, April is born as a priest.
A warrior and a priest, super match!

Before we died, we looked like these:

Although we are not as stunning as we used to be, we are happy as long as we are together.

Today, we killed a lot of skeletons, wolves, bats and spiders. We also buried an old woman's husband to her grave.
We were so happy. We kissed and danced together.

PS: Killing is a good exercise to keep us fit and good looking.
We were sitting in the corner, April was telling me a joke. It was so funny!

Life is too short for waiting! I proposed to April in the afternoon when we were eating a pizza. She said: Yes yesyesyesyes!

Now we are planning our wedding and honeymoon. We decided that we are going to explore the whole world together, always be together.

It's turning dark, we were laying on the lavender field together and who the hell is that human! Never mind, April killed him anyway.

It was romantic. However, it was cold out there. So, we decided to do this:

Finally, we have taken their camp. Her dance was so beautiful!

It was warm inside. This nap is good.

We went to the beach, and got killed together by the stupidest and ugliest fish in the fish history!

We run and run and run, finally, we are back. The beach is beautiful! Although the the fish is still there!

We are killed again by the stupid fish!

At end of the day, we are back at home. April is dancing for me. What an amazing day it is!

Sweet dreams and king size……

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